The first time you play it can take a LONG time to load, please be patient! (It's worth it)

Play in fullscreen for best experience.

Welcome to Style Dress up!

I really hope you will enjoy this game as I have worked very hard on it for a long time!

I first made this as an app, but I soon realized that I had to make it very limited and downscaled for it to work on smartphones, and that was a bit disappointing.
So I decided to make a computer/webb version of it so that you all can play it as I envisioned it in the first place!
I have plans to add more clothes and categories in future updates.

If you like my game, please consider donating whatever sum you want, so that I can continue working on it.

Also, check out my webshops to buy some sweet stuff!


If you want to suggest stuff for me to put in the game, or just have general feedback, go ahead and write in the forum below!

Some known bugs: The hats can be a bit buggy, I'm aware of that and I'm working on it! If you're dragging a hat and the back part of it suddenly disappears, just drop it and reopen the hat section again.

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